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Who They Are


April 17th, 2014.


At the biggest venue in Acadiana. 

The Beau Young Band played to a record setting crowd at Cowboys Nightclub. 

Standing shoulder to shoulder from the stage to the back wall, they performed the soundtrack to over 1600 people’s shared memory of an unforgettable night. 

Not a punch was thrown. 

Every song was sung by the crowd. 

And most important, The Beau Young Band kept the entire crowd entertained to stay right where they were until Last Call.

That is what Beau Young’s Original music is about. “There ain’t no such thing as Last Call In A Small Town” is just one lyric which sums up his Hometown ideology, which can be Anytown, USA. Writing from his personal life, which includes being a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, and after three all original album releases, the music resonates with the 17 year old whose unsure of what lies ahead. The 26 year old who still parties like they’re 21. And the 30-105 year old who learned life will never stop surprising you.

What They Do


After Beau Young’s 20 years of songwriting, performing, and growing artistically, to The Beau Young Band’s 8 years of redefining those songs, refining their stage performance, and enjoying the accolades of loving what they do. 

They have set themselves apart by the achievements they’ve accomplished and those yet to come.

Being chosen by Festival Committees to share the stage with Tracy Lawrence, Kid Rock, John Conlee, Mark Chesnutt, Gene Watson, Little Texas, Neil McCoy, and Shenandoah, speaks volumes to their genuine abilities to capture an audience.

And if you don’t believe any word you just read...then I dare you to come out to one of their shows! 

They really are like the Muddy Water they love to sing about. 

They will not be kept from rising.

Come get addicted to The Beau Young Band!


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